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Codex Land  is a substantial private property group that has specialised in buying land on an unconditional basis since 1999. Projects have ranged from single plots to 300+ houses, commercial and leisure uses, student accommodation, social housing and strategic land. Purchases have ranged across Central and Southern England and South Wales. 

In addition to outright purchase we also partner with landowners to optimise the value of their assets by providing funding for the planning process with a strong emphasis on alignment to achieve the best possible result for us both.


Bespoke land promotion services for private and commercial landowners

Strong management and industry reputation

Experts in planning enhancement with a successful track record 

Funding for the planning process in return for a share of sales proceeds

Alignment with landowner to achieve best value

Long standing relationships with agents and planning professionals

More profitable alternatives to traditional conditional/option deals offered by developers

Land remediation services with a joint venture partner

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The Codex Land team have extensive experience obtaining difficult and complex planning consents utilising large professional teams to achieve these ends. We have a reputation in the industry for integrity and honesty and worked alongside or sold projects to many of the major housebuilders in England and Wales.

Codex Land spend their money not yours; we want the project finished as quickly as possible and care about the sale price as much as you do.


With our joint venture partners, CB Collier, we are able to undertake projects that require extensive demolition, decontamination and remediation.

As planning has become more complex, expensive and time-consuming, major housebuilders are keener than ever to concentrate on production. They are more prepared to pay full value for a steady stream of consented land rather than risk resource on an unpredictable and time consuming planning process.








Land with

outline consent

Land with the

wrong consent

Land owned by companies who wish to protect cashflow

Situations where the landowner has started promotion but needs help

Land where lending institutions have taken possession

Land owned by public bodies or charities that need to demonstrate best value

Commercial property with potential for residential

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